ROYAL Navy Lieutenant Commander Ashley Spencer is welcomed back to Faslane with his crew after eight months at sea.

Around 150 people gathered on the quayside on the Clyde to greet the return of minehunter HMS Ramsey and First Mine Counter Measures (MCM1) Crew 2, returning from the Gulf.

Lieutenant Commander Spencer, 38, the Commanding Officer of HMS Ramsey, said: "There is always a lump in your throat as you are about to come alongside and spot family and friends waiting for you.

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"For those of us in the minehunting community, it is rare. The ships usually stay out in the Gulf and the crews rotate, flying out to join the vessel and then flying back when their tour is complete.

"It makes sense, but it means we often miss one of the poignant highlights of a deployment - bringing a ship back into port for a homecoming."