A SCOTLAND Yard report on the "plebgate" saga shows "industrial levels of dishonesty by police working in Downing Street", according to an MP.

The force has published a series of documents summarising its inquiry into the aftermath of the confrontation, called Operation Alice, which has seen four police officers sacked.

It also released CCTV footage, previously unseen by the public, of the foul-mouthed disagreement between police officer Toby Rowland and then Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell in Downing Street in 2012.

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The pair gave contradicting accounts of what was said in a conversation that lasted little more than 10 seconds, and was the start of an ongoing dispute between the politician and the police after Mr Mitchell resigned from his post.

Yesterday MP David Davis, a staunch supporter of Mr Mitchell, said: "Although the Operation Alice closing report is a police report, it nevertheless shows industrial levels of dishonesty by police working in Downing Street. One police officer has been jailed. Three more have been sacked and a further two police officers have received final written warnings."

Mr Rowland, who was one of four officers manning the Downing Street gate that night, claimed Mr Mitchell said: "You should know your f****** place, you don't run this f****** Government, you're f****** plebs" after he was refused permission to cycle out. However, the MP insisted he said: "I thought you guys were supposed to f****** help us".

Mr Mitchell is suing The Sun over its coverage of that night, and said he wants Mr Rowland to give evidence on oath; while the police officer is suing Mr Mitchell.

The documents released by Scotland Yard yesterday include a report summarising the force's investigation into the incident as well as findings relating to internal misconduct proceedings.

Deputy Assistant Comm-issioner Patricia Gallan, who led the inquiry, said the decision to publish the material was an "unusual step".