Alistair Carmichael:

"[Yes Scotland] want to create the impression that something extraordinary is happening and you just need to park your pesky questions, join the in crowd and vote for them. But this isn't a game, a fashion or a fad."

Fiona Hyslop: "I have a 17-year-old son with a vote for the first time. He wants older generations to Vote Yes because as he says his 'generation will be the one which will have to live longest with the consequences.' He wants to live in a country built on hope, not fear."

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Patrick Harvie: "Voting Yes could be just the catalyst the rest of the UK needs to begin a democratic renewal that's long overdue."

Johann Lamont: "On September 18, we will face a stark choice. But, ultimately, I believe we are all asking the same questions. After a No vote, we can look to a future in which we find the answers, together."