More than a quarter of Scots think there should never be another independence referendum, according to new polling.

Research carried out by Survation for the Daily Record newspaper quizzed 1,001 people about their views on a repeat of the historic September 18 vote.

People were asked: "When, if ever, do you think there should be another referendum on Scottish independence?"

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The poll found that 14% think there should be another vote immediately, 21% said before 2019, 13% said between 2019 and 2024, 12% said after 2024, and 28% said never. A further 11% said they did not know.

The issue of independence remained the focus of the SNP conference, held in Perth on Friday and Saturday.

Yes campaigners won 45% of the vote on September 18, with the No side winning with 55%.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have said that a second referendum could be held when there is demand for one from the electorate.

SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said: "The referendum improved Scotland, reinvigorating politics and putting support for independence at a record high. And this poll shows that, excluding 'don't knows', 55% of people in Scotland want another independence referendum in the next 10 years.

"During the referendum campaign, 'extensive new powers' were promised to the people of Scotland by the Westminster parties and the SNP are working hard to ensure that these promises are kept.

"Nicola Sturgeon has been clear that the people of Scotland will decide when another referendum should be held. On this issue as on all others, we will be guided by the people of Scotland and work in their best interest."

The Survation poll also showed 47% of people would vote for the UK to remain a member of the EU, with 35% voting to leave and 18% undecided.

"Excluding 'don't knows', 57% of those polled want Scotland to stay in Europe - this is further evidence that the increasingly right-wing, Euro-hostile and Ukip-obsessed Westminster parties do not speak for Scotland," Ms Ewing added.

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "The fact that over a quarter of Scots never want another referendum on independence shows the level of discontent at the zombie government ran by the SNP throughout the referendum campaign.

"I can understand the passion of the nationalist MSPs whose sole aim in life is for Scotland to leave the UK, but that passion came at a real cost to our public services. Our schools, hospitals and colleges should not suffer and cannot afford another two years of independence campaigning.

"The democratic mandate given by a clear majority of Scots was for a stronger Scotland within the UK. The SNP has a responsibility to deliver that mandate. Time will tell if Nicola Sturgeon takes that responsibility seriously."

An earlier online version of this article used the wrong figure of 34% in the heading. We apologise for this mistake.