An 84-year-old veteran of America's civil rights marches is ready to be arrested for the first time in her life to protest against Trident.


Retired teacher and grandmother-of-seven Isabelle Smith has signed up for the Bairns not Bombs blockade of the Faslane nuclear submarine base on Monday.

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The Scot, who spent much of her life in the United States, said: "Hiroshima happened when I was 14 and I have had nightmares of being turned in to a shadow ever since.

"It is really exciting to be back and Scotland and among young people who are excited about what they can change, as we saw during the referendum. It reminds me of the energy of the civil rights movement.

"I have backed the SNP ever since these weapons were forced on our small country. "

Mrs Smith has never been arrested before - although she experienced American policing on protest marches in the 1960s.

Other people on the frontline of the Bairns not Bombs blockade include a Church of Scotland's minister's wife, Ester Siroky, and the four oldest of her five children.

A spokesman for campaign group Scrap Trident said: "This will truly be the Bairns Not Bombs blockade, with grannies and families among those taking a stand against the threat of use of nuclear weapons."

Monday's action has the support of Young Fathers, an Edinburgh band, and Noble-prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs.

The renewal of Trident has become a major issue ahead of next month's general election after Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader, said her party could not support its £100bn cost.

Labour and the Conservatives remain committed to the submarine-based deterrent, saying to keep's Britain safe in an unpredictable world.