Ultimo bra tycoon Michelle Mone announced on Twitter that she plans to move out of Scotland.


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Though she said there were multiple reasons for her decision, it was a promise she made if the country was to achieve independence in last September's referendum, saying that she did not 'feel safe' in her home country.

With her no-nonsense opinions, ruthless ambition and her controversial political views, the 43 year old working class girl 'done good' has been a source of both inspiration and ire in the public eye since the sensational launch of Ultimo in 2000.

Love her or loathe her, Michelle Mone has had plenty of strong words to say over the years - whether it's juggling her work-life balance, her brutal words to David Cameron or talking about her revenge on her 'cheating' husband.


Here are ten of her best quotes.


1. Mone was the target of trolls when she voiced her opinion on the Independence Referendum.

"I'm not a murderer, a thief or a rapist. I'm a good person who employs a lot of people in Scotland, both Yes and No supporters, and we all get on."


2. Though she insists that she is not a feminist, she does admit that female bosses are judged differently.

"If you're a man in business and you're tough and direct then you're a hero. If you're a woman and you're tough and direct, then you're a bitch."





3. She had some strong views on the male bosses of lingerie brands..



"Does he wear it? He heads it up. Can he wear it? Does he know what needs to change? Not unless he dresses up at weekends."


4. ...And oh so modest, too!


"To be honest with you, I could wipe the floor with any designer and I have never been to college or uni... I have got a real, I suppose, talent for it and I just love it."


5. The entrepreneur let her eldest daughter Rebecca model for her bra range last year - and she said this.

"She wasn't that great to begin with... she was pretty rubbish, actually."


6. Michelle didn't mince her words with David Cameron when she was invited to Westminster to talk about the Independence Referendum.

"I was listening to them all thinking: 'You arse lickers. Tell him how it really is.'" So she did - "Your Better Together campaign is rubbish."


7. Michelle is a glowing testament to that old adage: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."



"I put his favourite shirts and cufflinks in the bin. I let down his car tyres. I cut holes in all his boxer shorts. I put laxatives in his coffee on the day that he and Sam were going to a wedding - God only knows if that worked."


8. But there is a touching human side to Michelle Mone, who admits she felt lonely after her divorce from husband Michael.

"I thought: 'I'm going to be 65 and alone with cats, and I don't particularly like cats.'"


9. The bra queen proves to us once more that you've got to have a lot of sass to get ahead in business when she said this on Twitter.

"Guy just came upto me and said: 'what's your favourite position?'

"I replied: "CEO"


10. Lastly, Michelle reminds us that we shouldn't let our backgrounds determine our future.



"It doesn't matter where you're from or what education you have; if you have a big dream, you can do it."