RIGHT-WING provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has created a new row in calling for a Muslim group to be banned, as student activists planned a protest against his controversial nomination as the University of Glasgow rector.

Mr Yiannopoulos - an incendiary figure who has stoked controversy by railing against feminism, obese people and immigrants - created a new storm by calling for the university's Muslim Students Association to be banned.

The British former editor of Breitbart said he would protect the LGBTQ community by calling for the association to be banned, arguing that they are "representatives of a homophobic, theocratic system".

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It has led to the Queen Margaret Union, one of two students' unions at the University of Glasgow, to say he is not welcome in the city.

One of the oldest students' unions in Scotland, formed in 1890, a group spokesman said in response to Mr Yiannopolos's position: "The Muslim Students Association are an important part of campus life. People who would like to ban them are not. People who would like to ban them while living thousands of miles away are definitely not. They are not welcome in the QMU, on our Campus, in Glasgow, or anywhere else for that matter.

"They are no friends of ours, and no defenders of free speech, however much they would like to claim otherwise.

"We want the QMU to be a place where they feel comfortable and welcomed with open arms. We want to see that campus is somewhere where they feel safe, and will do whatever we can do ensure it stays that way."

Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, one of the rector nominees described Mr Yiannopolous's stance as a "disgusting attack" and another example of his "Islamophobic diatribe".

The Muslim association thanked Mr Anwar for being the "only rectorial candidate who is standing up against Islamaphobia on the Glasgow University Campus".

The association was formed 49 years ago with aims to "unify and activate the Muslims on campus"

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Now one of the largest Glasgow University societies, its stated aims are to "spread the message of Islam on campus and provide a means for Muslims to socialise and make friends".

Mr Yiannopoulos and Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson are among 11 candidates nominated by students for the position but the Glasgow University anarchist student group is organising a demonstration after describing both as intolerant and unsuitable for the role.

The student group called Yiannopoulos a "fascist troll" for his involvement in a series of offensive and controversial incidents while Prof Peterson has been criticised for a supposed refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns when addressing trans people.

A hustings event is to be held at the university on Thursday, with each candidate, or representative, to state their case and take questions from students.

Neither Yiannopoulos or Prof Peterson is expected to attend the event but the student group is planning a protest "not only to show that these views are not welcome on our campus, but also that we will stand in solidarity with and support those members of our community that these views target".

The university said the election is a student-run process but that the rector is "required to abide by the values of the university".

A statement by protesters said: "To be clear, we do not equate Jordan Peterson with the fascist troll Yiannopoulos; however, both represent to varying degrees the intolerant trope, currently on the rise in the west, of privileged voices that seek to silence and oppress others."

The nomination of Mr Yiannopoulos sparked outrage among many Glasgow students who have launched a 3,500-strong petition calling for his removal from race to be rector along with Prof Peterson.

A noted Donald Trump supporter and central figure of the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement, Mr Yiannopoulos has become a prominent speaker in the United States - attracting protestors to many of his lectures on university campuses.

After his nomination, which required at least ten students, the 32-year-old said: “Tip for Glasgow students: Literally nothing will annoy your professors more than this.”

The other 11 candidates are human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, former Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable, Lady Hazel Cosgrove, the first woman to be appointed to a permanent seat as a judge in the Court of Session, and PissPigGranddad, an American internet celebrity fighting with the People’s Defence Unit in Syria.