The Scottish writer Irvine Welsh said he might include Hibernian FC's Scottish Cup final victory in a future book.

The Leith-born author said his team's Hampden victory over Rangers in May 2016 had made it a "great year."

Hibernian, known as Hibs, also won the Scottish Championship this weekend.

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The writer revealed the intention after a new play, which will be staged at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The writer, who has written two stage plays, has created a black comedy about two gangland figures auditioning for a role in the cult film Performance, which Mick Jagger made with Edinburgh-born director Donald Cammell in 1968.

The Trainspotting author is joining forces with long-time collaborator Dean Cavanagh, who is also writing a TV series with Welsh about the origins of the UK’s rave culture.

He said the TV series, Hibs success and the release of the Trainspotting sequel had made for a memorable year.

Welsh said: "It's been a great year. Everybody else has been kind of 'oh God, Trump, Brexit', and I'm thinking 'no, it's been a great year, what are you talking about? Hibs won the Scottish Cup'.

"The great thing was that weekend I was filming T2 in Glasgow. I had done my scene on the Friday night and then Hibs won the Scottish Cup on the Saturday.

"Then I was off to Ibiza on the Sunday to get the contracts done for a TV series that we're doing.

"It was like a kind of mad 'Carlsberg weekend', but wonderful.

"It was an incredible weekend to remember and I'm sure it will inform some kind of writing at a future date."