ScotRail has been accused of apparently giving an elderly passenger a refund of just £1 for a cancelled train journey.

On behalf of her 68-year-old mother, Yvonne Parker, from Bathgate, posted an image of a refund slip onto the rail provider’s Facebook page which seems to show the amount to be just £1.

She wrote: “Thanks a lot ScotRail for cancelling my 68-year-old mum's train, stranding her in Glasgow. £40 taxi to get home, plus £12 original fare and you refund her £1. Absolutely disgraceful.”

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Ms Parker described how her elderly mother had been visiting her father at the Beatson Cancer Centre in the West End of Glasgow after which she became stranded at Hyndland station due to a cancellation.


One user advised Yvonne that, if ScotRail cannot provide travel, they are obliged to provide alternative means, including taxis.

However, Yvonne replied: “They didn’t supply buses and wouldn’t phone a taxi - she had to find a Glasgow taxi number herself.”

When the user then offered her a detailed list of suitable alternative transport which should have been offered to her mum, Yvonne said: “It was freezing cold. My mum had been in the Beatson all day visiting my dad and just wanted home.

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“None of these suggestions were given to her by Scotrail staff at Hyndland station who were not helpful at all.”

Other users were quick to lend their support and vent at the situation.

One wrote: “Ooft that’s disgusting. Should be ashamed of themselves,” while another labelled ScotRail’s actions as “disgraceful.”

ScotRail, however, has since said the train journey itself was allegedly worth £12, with the other £40 being spent on a taxi the customer chose to take on her own accord.

The rail provider insisted it does not leave customers stranded and would have provided a taxi if the wait for a train was unacceptably long.

As well as this, it said the voucher shown in the Facebook image is also the customer’s reference number which staff members have since checked and have confirmed that whoever filled in the ‘Delay Repay’ form entered the ticket cost as £1.50.

The customer will have chosen to receive a voucher - before sending the form, the customer must choose from a list of methods to be refunded in, it explained.

ScotRail also said it has no record of a request for a taxi fare to be refunded.

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A ScotRail Alliance spokesperson said: “The Delay Repay scheme exists to refund customers for delays to their journeys and we actively encourage people who have been delayed to claim their rightful refund.

“There is a clear, easy to use claims form on our website and we can make refunds in a variety of methods.”