A HEAD teacher has apologised to his pupils after leaflets describing homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered” and “fundamentally dangerous” were made available to pupils on campus.

The materials, entitled “The Church and same sex attraction”, were found by senior students at St Mungo’s High School in Falkirk last week.

The Roman Catholic school has now removed all copies of the leaflets produced by publishing firm the Catholic Truth Society and an investigation is thought to be underway to find out where they came from.

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Along with describing some gay people as those with “deep-seated tendencies” and gay sex as “acts of grave depravity”, the pamphlets set out to explain the Catholic Church’s view on gay sex and marriage.

One paragraph states: “Sometimes people with troubled spirits are urged to ‘adopt a homosexual lifestyle. This can be very harmful.

“Talking about it with a priest of friend may help….but adopting a homosexual lifestyle will not increase their happiness in the long run.”

Another explains that the Church’s view is based on scripture, which “presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity….They are contrary to natural law.”

Aidan Callahan, a sixth year pupil at St Mungo’s, came across the material in the school’s oratory and contacted head teacher Stephen Phee after reading it.

The 18-year-old said: “Homophobia isn’t an issue at our school, so I was really surprised to see something like this.

“Mr Phee apologised straight away and said they shouldn’t have been there, and he would investigate how they got there.

“I went back and the whole stack of leaflets have been removed. I think the school have responded really well to it, but the question is more about why these even exist in the first place.”

Equality campaigners have described the materials as “deeply damaging” to young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and said they had no place in schools.

Liam Stevenson, Co-founder of the Time for Inclusive Education campaign, which is calling for greater education about LGBT issues in schools, said: “As the parent of a child who is currently enrolled in the Scottish education system, it’s disappointing that messages such as this are being relayed in some schools.

“I am bringing up my child with a progressive outlook, to ensure that she is accepting of everyone regardless of their identity and the thought that this could potentially be countered within her school is worrying. None of the people that I know, who have religious beliefs, hold these outdated views and the information in this leaflet is clearly not representative of any majority, and has no place in a progressive society.”

Cara Spence, Senior Programmes Manager at LGBT Youth Scotland added the contents were “incompatible with modern Scottish society”.

She explained: “[These] messages are deeply damaging to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender learners and could have a long term impact on a young person’s confidence and their ability to talk to others about how they feel.”

A spokesman for the Catholic Truth Society, which described itself as the official publisher of the works of Pope Francis and the Holy See, rejected the criticism from LGBT groups, and said: “The Catholic Church proposes a vision of love, marriage, sex and relationships which Catholics and many others find to be good, true, beautiful and liveable, as articulated most recently with great clarity and compassion by Pope Francis and, so, to hear some LGBT campaigners suggest that such opinions have ‘no place in society’ will undoubtedly instil worry and concern within a Catholic community already accustomed to discrimination and prejudice.”

Falkirk council which runs St Mungo’s High School said: ““Our approach is far more focussed on supporting pupils in person and offering them help and guidance directly rather than through a leaflet.

“The leaflets themselves were not considered to be age appropriate and were removed.

“The Head Teacher also spoke to senior pupils at assembly to emphasise that teaching staff are always available to help where required.”