Scotland's biggest council has appointed its first SNP-led administration.

Councillor Susan Aitken was elected unopposed as Glasgow City Council leader at the new authority's first meeting on Thursday.

Members also voted in councillor Eva Bolander, a native Swede, as the city's Lord Provost and councillor Philip Braat as the Deputy Lord Provost.

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Among the members of the minority administration were several Green members, including councillor Martha Wardrop.

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She said: "For too long there has been a disconnect between the voters and those who held power in Glasgow City Council.

"Now, with an agreement won by the Greens, Glasgow City Chambers is set for the biggest radical democratic overhaul in a generation.

"It became clear during the council election that voters have become tired of one party dominating in Glasgow for so long.

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"So, with that in mind, we've worked hard to reach a solution that ensures better, more representative decisions, prevents the SNP from repeating mistakes of previous administrations and acting as if they have a majority."