SELF-confessed “ginger twit” Paul Masterton, the Tory candidate in East Renfrewshire, keeps getting in a muddle over his CV. As we noted recently, his leaflets boast he chairs the community council - omitting that it’s actually in next door Paisley. Now we hear he’s quit as chair, making his bumf doubly misleading. What facts will survive to June 8, we wonder?

TALKING of Tories, Theresa May arrived at her Edinburgh gig yesterday just as the Tannoy played “Mr Blue Sky”. It cheered up the local councillors, who were on a break from moving into Labour’s offices at the City Chambers. One item they found dumped unceremoniously in a crate was a large signed picture of long-gone Tony Blair, complete with the ironic addition of a Jeremy Corbyn sticker.

MEANWHILE in South Lanarkshire, we hear congrats are due to baby-faced SNP councillor Josh Wilson, the new housing chair. Could this be the same chap who apologised for sexist tweets to Big Brother contestant Natasha Giggs a few years ago? The one who said she made it easy to “slag and s***” and who used the hashtag “#w***bank”. Indeed it is.

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NOT that it’s stopped Mr Wilson’s rise in the party. Besides his council earner, he’s also the general election agent for SNP candidate Angela Crawley in Lanark and Hamilton East. Perhaps she can explain his baffling tweet about Ms Giggs having “extremely warm” ankles. How very, well, weird.