PLANS by a Scottish university to teach degrees from a campus in New York has been given the go ahead.

Authorities in the city have approved a provisional five year licence for Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to teach a range of fashion degrees.

Under the provisional licence degrees will be awarded by the New York State Education Department.

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However, GCU will have full control over recruitment, teaching and the setting of fees.

Professor Pamela Gillies, principal of GCU, said: "I am absolutely thrilled that we now have the opportunity to build upon our new research and business relationships in New York to deliver our unique programmes which focus on fair fashion, fair finance and sustainability.

“Our New York team, led by vice-president Cara Smyth, should be very proud of the steadfast way it has forged a new path for our university.”

However, Dr Nick McKerrell, convenor of GCU's combined union committee, said questions still remained over the New York plan.

He said: "The university has been awarded a provisional licence to teach in New York for five years without the power to issue degrees in our name.

"This is four years behind schedule and not what staff or the governing body of the university were told we were getting into.

"Some $15m has been spent to date and on the basis of the licence given it is difficult to see how we will recover that, let alone make any money back here for the university."

The university had their satellite base in Manhattan opened in 2014 by then First Minister Alex Salmond.

GCU, who also operate in Oman, Bangladesh and London, spent £2.5 million refurbishing the building and are tied into a 15-year lease.

The campus came under fire after lecturing unions argued too much was being spent on its development before degree-awarding powers were secured.

The award for a provisional charter is expected to become a full charter after the period of five years has elapsed subject to a review by the new York authorities.

During the initial period GCU will have the authority to deliver Masters courses and charge fees and many US students will be eligible for scholarships to study.

Masters degrees will be offered in finance, fashion and social business.