A Scottish homeowner has decided to raffle off his luxury mansion for just £5 a ticket after failing to find a buyer. 

The luxury property, located in Dullatur, North Lanarkshire, could be yours for just £5 after owner Shamus Fitzsimons failed to sell his house after one year on the market. 

The couple plan to run the competition until Christmas, with a target of 250,000 tickets to be sold - and you could be the winner. 

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The stunning property comes with a heated swimming pool, sauna, one acre of beautiful garden and a games room in the west wing. 

The pair, who plan to make over £1m in ticket sales have vowed to donate £25,000 to charity after the raffle ends. 

To win Dullatur House, the entry fee for the competition is £5 per ticket and entrants will be required to answer a question about the house.

Visit here and you could be the lucky winner.