An artist has made colourful recreations of the world's favourite comfort foods -- with paper.

Hannah Fleetwood interviewed her class mates for her project on which dealt with food and nostalgia.

The 26-year-old was in a class of students from 13 different countries and each one had different meals that reminded them of home.

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She then made colourful paper versions of favourite native meals including apple strudel from Germany, Khao Phad from Thailand and salmon on toast from Ireland.

Her work will be on exhibition at today's Masters degree show at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Hannah, originally from Dublin, said that she used a different technique for each dish that she made.

She said: "My project deals with food and nostalgia. I interviewed people from my class because there are 13 nationalities and I recreated their favourite native dish.

"My favourite is probably the most difficult to make which is the paella. Each little grain of rice is individually hand crimped.

"I'm really interested in scoring, folding and tearing the paper because so many different textures can be achieved.

"With all the different dishes loads of different papers have been used such as coated, glossy and transparent and I've layered them on top of each other.

"I've used a different technique with each dish to emulate the food."