A confused pensioner sped along the wrong side of the dual carriageway at 70 mph for at least six miles before she was eventually brought to a halt.

Karen Hutchins, 66, ignored numerous horrified drivers who flashed their lights at her to alert her that she was going the wrong way on the A9.

She continued driving east in the overtaking lane of the westbound dual carriageway. She continued driving as other motorists flashing their lights as a warning to others.

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Hutchins, of Sutton Coldfield, admitted driving dangerously and on the wrong side of the road between Inchmichael and Longforgan on the A9 in November, when she appeared at Perth Sheriff Court.

Sheriff James MacDonald said: “I am not at all clear how it came to be that this lady, who does not live locally or anywhere near this jurisdiction, found herself here.”

Hutchins pled guilty by letter and sentence was deferred for the preparation of background reports and for the accused to appear in person.