A new crack house opens in Croydon every nine days, according the police.

The shocking statistic was revealed as police unveiled their latest success in the war against drugs, closing down a crack house in Thornton Heath run by Jamaican drug dealers.

Croydon's drug task force is leading the fight against drugs in the borough and so far this year they have executed 88 search warrants and arrested 124 people for involvement in drug peddling.

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Head of the drugs task force DI Dave Heckles said: "There is one crack house opening up in Croydon every nine days and the average crack house does £80,000 and £100,000 business a week.

"The drugs problem with in Croydon is a reflection of what's going on in London. There is increased activity in the borough but we are making positive inroads against their organisations."

Following the raid on the house in Thornton Heath last week, two male Jamaicans have been charged with possession with intent to supply a class A drug, after 42 rocks of crack cocaine, opium and two lumps of heroin valued at over £1,000 were seized.

The drugs were being sold through a rear bathroom window at the premises.

Following complaints by residents, a covert surveillance operation by Croydon's drug task force saw 167 people visit the Limes Road house in Thornton Heath in a 24 hour period, before police launched a raid.

Croydon's special events' team gained entry to the fortified premises at 4.45pm on Wednesday, November 14, with the help of Croydon Council's public order instructors.

The two Jamaican suspects had both entered the country illegally and the police believe they are part of a wider gang of dealers, but, perhaps surprisingly, no fire arms were seized at the scene.

Croydon council has secured the Limes Road property with metal screens over the doors and windows to prevent it being reused, and will begin possession proceedings to take it back.

A spokesman for the council said: "We take the welfare and safety of our tenants very seriously, particularly where drugs are concerned. The housing department has established practices for working with the police to tackle problems like drugs, and fully supports actions like this.

"We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour on council property and do not hesitate bring possession proceedings where necessary."