GREEN plans for Lewisham have been outlined by the council in its first environmental statement.

The statement, Doing our bit, details key areas where the council impacts on the environment.

These include the purchase of goods and services and the emissions of greenhouse gases from the energy used.

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The statement also demonstrates measures made to reduce this impact, which include Lewisham becoming the first borough in London and only the second nationally to purchase 100 per cent "green" electricity.

The statement also covers several long-term objectives from achieving a 30 per cent increase in domestic energy efficiency by 2010, to improving the environmental performance of businesses within its jursidiction.

Mayor for Lewisham Councillor Dave Sullivan said: "Protecting the environment is not just the job of the individual, the council, businesses, or the Government. It is the job of all these bodies and more, it is the job of all of us working together.

"I hope this report will act as a stimulus for greater local action on environmental protection and will encourage new partnerships."

A summary of the report is available from the borough's libraries, anyone who wants a full copy of the statement should call 020 8314 2559.