FLYTIPPERS have cost taxpayers £1,500 in a matter of days after dumping rubbish outside the gates to a farm in West Hyde.

No sooner had a load outside Lynsters Farm in Old Uxbridge Road been cleared by Three Rivers District Council contractors than another, bigger, load of clay, chalk, bricks, wood and soil appeared.

Farm owner Mr Paul Lory said the material was first illegally dumped at his cattle farm, while it was dark, at 5.20am on Friday, January 11.

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Because the rubbish was blocking his gate, it was removed by the council the following morning.

However, sometime between 5.20am and 7am on Monday. January 14, another load appeared, blocking the gate into a field and half the driveway to the farmhouse.

One of the farm team, Mr Billy Weston, who lives on the same road, was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier on Friday, January 11, when he saw lorry load being dumped.

He said: "It was pitch dark and I couldn't read the number plate, so I went round the front and the lights were blazing, so I couldn't see there, either."

Mr Lory pointed out two other loads dumped down an access road to Denham Way, and another two similar loads in Chalfont Lane.

Mr Lory said: "We cannot get into the farm and we want to get in and feed the cattle. All I would say is the police don't want to know and the council cannot do anything.

"What are we going to do? In my opinion, the Government tax on waste and the dumping tax is not working. It would be far better for them to open up their dumps, rather than the council having to pay to pick it up afterwards."

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesman said: "The gentleman was advised flytipping was a council responsibility.

"Officers have passed the information on to the local officers to pay attention to this kind of problem and bear it in mind as part of their patrols."

A council spokesman said each load its contractor removes costs £300. The amount dumped outside the farm on Monday morning equates to three loads, which is £900.

The spokesman concurred with Mr Lory that the reason for the problem is the cost of £27 a tonne to dump at registered land fill sites.

The cost is split as £13 tax, and £14 to dump the waste.