POLICE are urging people to never leave their cars unattended while they 'warm up', after three vehicles were stolen in Buckhurst Hill.

Police say many drivers start their cars and leave them on the road while the engine warms up and the windows de-ice.

A Vauxhall Corsa car was stolen from High Road, at 11pm on December 20 and a van was taken from Palmerston Road at 7.45am last Thursday. Fifteen minutes later, a Ford Fiesta was stolen from Rous Road while the owner was de-icing the windows. A man wearing a white baseball cap pushed him aside and drove off in the car.

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A police spokesman said: "There have been a number of thefts reported where the owners have left the car running whilst de-icing and the thieves have just got in and driven away.

"A point to remember is that it constitutes an offence to leave your vehicle running unattended on the road and your insurance may not be valid if you leave your keys in the car."