As a Singaporean, I take offence at the sweeping generalisation made by Jennie Lote in her letter ( 'Culture of litterbugs' Times letters, January 10) in which she pontificates that in Singapore 'littering is an offence punishable by flogging'.

In fact, just as it is the case in this country, littering there is an offence punishable by a fine. It is the persistent offenders who finally are flogged (and/or jailed) for their disregard of the law.

I must point out to Ms Lote that the well-disciplined Singaporean society is more tolerant than she makes out.

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The striking difference is that in Singapore, littering is littering, and penalties are enforced.

In this country, there are grades of littering, which must be measured against the zones in which littering is found, which in turn is quantified against different types of litter only for nothing effective to be done about it all in the end.

A Fox

Ashburton Road

Ruislip Manor