A group of residents have moulded a unique frame for a 3-D map of their neighbourhood, which will be on show at the heart of their community for generations to come.

The residents, from the Tollgate Estate, South Norwood, picked up the idea for using terracotta tiles after a recent community workshop at Allington Court in Chart Road.

It is hoped the map will further improve navigation around the area while providing an attractive focal point.

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They were eager to prove that anyone can hand-craft satisfying and attractive items which benefit the community spirit as well as creative spirits.

Event organiser and tile-artist Chloe Cookson explained the tiles are made by rolling out clay and cutting it into squares, then moulding designs in relief onto the surface.

They will eventually comprise a contrasting border for a white

ceramic-tiled information map she is in the process of decorating, glazing and firing with

fellow artists from the Cookson and McNally partnership, which is based in Hither Green.

"Residents and Tollgate Primary School pupils joined in the workshop, which has really brought the community together," said Chloe, who has previously helped to make road signs for the estate

"The community is keen to get involved with the school, as is the school with the community.

"The other thing is it gets people enjoying art. People assume that if you can't draw you're not artistic, but most people get a great sense of pride when they see the end product."