Traffic is a problem that many residents in built-up areas encounter daily.

In recent years, traffic calming measures have been constructed as part of Croydon's traffic management scheme.

This aims to decrease the number of traffic-related accidents, reduce congestion and improve the quality of the residential environment.

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Thornton Heath's roads have undergone a lot of changes to improve the problems caused by vehicles.

One example of traffic calming techniques is on Spa Hill leading to Northwood Road. Vehicles coming down the hill often pick up speed which is potentially dangerous for other roads users and pedestrians.

This is particularly hazardous as David Livingstone Primary School is at the bottom of the hill with lots of children having to cross this road; accidents were frequent.

At rush hours this road was often used as a "rat-run" from Beulah Hill to Green Lane. With many children playing in the streets and car speeds about 30mph, this was a potentially dangerous situation.

The council introduced mini roundabouts, speed humps, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. These traffic calming techniques have spread to many other parts of Thornton Heath.

Some people argue that traffic calming techniques are not appropriate and cause more negative effects.

For example speed humps slow the emergency services.

The recent White Paper on Transport appears to support restrictions imposed on drivers.

If you have an opinion about traffic calming measures undertaken or proposed for Thornton Heath I would be very interested to hear from you.


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