Hendon String Orchestra came close to striking its final chord recently.

After a catalogue of events which led to the resignation or departure of many of its members, the 50-year-old group was faced with closure.

But thanks to the determined efforts of conductor Roy Budden it has been saved and is still going -- though much depleted.

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"We hope to build up the numbers again," said Mr Budden. "We've had a difficult time in the last few months. A series of disasters and various things happening left us with around 12 members. It was a bit miserable."

One member died, another left due to illness, two members went abroad and others dropped out.

"However as far as we know, we hope to carry on and start again on Tuesday September 22," said Mr Budden, adding: "We'd be glad of any more string players, especially violinists.

"At the moment we are about half full."

The string orchestra will resume rehearsals at Hendon Methodist Church on The Burroughs on September 22 and every Tuesday after that. They run from 8-10pm.

Anyone interested in joining can come along or telephone Mr Budden on 0181 346 2080.

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