PEOPLE in Glasgow care more about climate change and the environment than others in the UK, according to a new survey.

Glasgow, which means “dear green place”, came top in a UK survey

commissioned by the Woodland Trust charity to gauge attitudes of people in urban areas to trees and the environment.

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Some 62 per cent of people in Glasgow said they “strongly agree” that climate change is a real danger, compared with only 39 per cent across the UK.

Furthermore, six out of ten (60 per cent) surveyed in the city are worried about the future of the environment, which is almost double the UK average (35 per cent).

A considerably higher than average proportion of those surveyed in Glasgow had also taken an action to support an environmental cause that they felt strongly about, with 54 per cent signing a petition, 39 per cent donating to a campaign and 17 per cent sharing information on social media.

People in Glasgow also said engaging children with the outdoors,

environment, and trees was “very important”.

Glasgow residents also want to see more trees in their local communities.