HUNDREDS have joined in a Rangers ultras fans group-organised march promoted by a sectarian flyer that is the centre of a criminal investigation.

With a "Goodnight Green and White" banner draped across the balaclava-clad marchers at the front, the group sang both celebratory Rangers songs but also offensive songs including Follow Follow containing the "f*** the Pope and the Vatican" and the Billy Boys chant featuring the line "we're up to our knees in Fenian blood".

The Union Bears, which organised the march had insisted the march before the Old Firm derby would go ahead, despite calls for it to be stopped, while claiming members have been visited by police.


A poster plugging the march showed a silhouette image of someone wearing a green-and-white hooped jersey appearing to be being kicked in the head while on the ground, surrounded by text reading: “Good night, green white.”

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It describes the Old Firm derby as "the match against  the Fenians."

Match commander Superintendent Alan Murray confirmed Police Scotland was looking into the controversial flyer and urged fans not go take part in the march.

But that did not stop the march from going ahead from the Louden Tavern with a heavy police presence. Fans lit up red, white and blue flares and carried Union Flags.


While some supporting the march compared  it to allowed marches by Celtic Ultras group, the Green Brigade, the ensuing row has caused one MSP James Dornan who reported the matter to Police Scotland to threaten to quit Twitter following abuse over his stance.

Glasgow city councillor for Southside Central Mhairi Hunter was one of the first to voice their concern on social media, saying the marchers were displaying "intimidating behaviour"

She said: "Pretty worrying pics and videos of that ultras march to Ibrox.


"The police just have to manage this, there are too many to stop it.

"This is unauthorised, But given the numbers the police will have decided to let it go ahead rather than try and stop it. Their priority will always be to maintain public safety."

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The Union Bears had made a 'no surrender' retort saying: "Despite intimidation by the media and visits to our members houses by Police Scotland - Sunday's march to the stadium is still going ahead. We urge all Rangers fans to join us on the streets."

Match commander Superintendent Alan Murray in confiming that it was looking into the controversial flyer said: “We are aware of a planned fans’ march on Sunday and would urge supporters not to join in.

“Large groups of fans moving together can cause problems and I am asking fans to make their way to the ground as normal.

“We are aware of the content of the advert connected to the march, which permission has not been granted for.

“A criminal investigation has been launched into the wording and logo of the advert."