Kirsty Wark is of a mind to pursue a new career as a chef.

She has the culinary talent, having coming a mere soupçon short of winning last year's Celebrity Masterchef. Apparently only a curdled raspberry crème brulée stood between her and victory.

Ms Wark quite fancies running her own restaurant when she gives up the broadcasting business. It would be a great loss to the trade of TV interviewing if she retired too soon.

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The answer is to let the lady multi-task by relaunching Newsnight as a current affairs and cooking show.

The concept is also ideal for Paxo. I need not mention that Jeremy Paxman is expert at stuffing interviewees. Nor will I refer to his skills when it comes to grilling, mixing it, or making mincemeat of.

There is enough rolling news on the telly. Newsnight will be none the worse for Kirsty and Paxo whipping up a light supper as they chat to politicians and pundits about quantitative easing or what Nick Clegg actually does in the Coalition.

There will be an opportunity for those appearing on the programme to illustrate their arguments by cooking a simple dish. There should be no shortage of politicians making a complete hash. Few will eat humble pie.

Ian Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, will demonstrate how a family on the barest of benefits can turn the thinnest of gruel into a feast with the addition of a few handfuls of lentils and a scattering of flat- leaf parsley.

George Osborne can take us through his recipe for Eton Mess of the economy. David Cameron will dip regularly into his eurosceptic cookbook in which not a clove of garlic or a lump of smelly French cheese are to be found.

With so much food in the studio, there will thankfully be less talking.

No speaking with your mouth full. There will be soundbites which were prepared earlier but are still half-baked. The audience at home can take it all with a pinch of salt.

There will, of course, be the opt-out for a culinary Newsnicht from Glasgow. Plenty of dumplings on the menu. Quite a lot of haddies. Large servings of chips on shoulders.

But hopefully not too much cauld kail when it comes to the news.