Even those not of the monarchist tendency may agree the boy Prince Harry done good on his big royal trip.

It worked because he was obviously enjoying himself. Unlike Her Maj who would rather be back at the palace in her slippers herding corgis. Or Prince Charles home in his Highgrove garden talking to herbaceous borders. It may be time the elder royals gave up touring and left it to the young ones.

For Harry, a red-blooded single 27-year-old, what was there not to like about stravaiging the Caribbean and Brazil? Canoodling with beauty queens and models. Disarming Portia Simpson Miller, the republican-minded Jamaican Prime Minister, with big hugs and a joke about her being his date for the night. Fitting in some boogying and rum cocktails.

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Harry was following orders. In a pre-tour briefing from His Royal Granny he was told just to go and enjoy himself. This is different from the advice which prompted a young Prince Charles to turn up on a trip to Ayrshire wearing strange furry headgear. Apparently His Royal Mum had said: "Kilmarnock? Wear a fox hat."

Harry appears entirely at ease with people, a trait he obviously gets from his mum. There may be charisma involved. In some ways he hardly seems Windsor at all.

In interviews his language was natural, not much royal speak. Like he said yeah he was pretty choked up at the enthusiasm for granny's diamond jubilee.

Harry might one day make a cool king's speech. King Harry? Yes, under an entirely new system I just invented, he will get a shot at the top job. To explain: like any soap opera, monarchy should regularly refresh its dramatis personae. A five-year term on the throne would be about right.

The future King William V of England and IV of Scots may be happy to do his shift then go and get a life leaving his "bro" in charge.

Before that happens, the Queen gets to retire at the end of this jubilee year. Charles III takes over before he reaches his 65th birthday. He is allowed to stay on the throne for five years, beyond normal retirement age. As long as he doesn't interfere in Government, which he may well be tempted to do. Then King Charles might wish he had quit while he still had a head.