There is no point trying to drag weans unwillingly to the Kirk of a Sunday morning or, indeed, any other time.

The Right Reverend Albert Bogle says so. He should know since he is the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

The Rt Rev Bogle is also a blogger, a Godcaster, and even at the age of 63 aware of the possibilities of wooing the young ones with the social media on the electronic devices to which they have become addicted.

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Leading the young flock to the Lord via the iPad or iPhone will be easier said than done. You can fill iTunes with the Kirk's greatest hits such as My Cup Is Full and Running Over and If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands. But will the children follow the iPied iPiper?

Will a simple invitation to get Linkedin to Jesus do the trick? Will Bebo boost the ranks of the BB? Will that teenager on the bus have Songs of Praise on the iPod?

Some subterfuge may be required. Like an announcement on Facebook that there is a party at an empty. Hundreds of teenagers turn up to drink and trash the house. They are confronted by a team of hardened Kirk elders who seat them in orderly rows.

After a few choruses of Will Your Anchor Hold in the Sea of Life, there is a talk from a cool rev.

Maybe even the moderator himself who not only tweets but sings in his own Bogle Band and goes to T in the Park. He can tell kids how to get access all areas to the Kingdom of God.

There is an app called Yoof Culchur available on the Church of Scotland website. It charts changes in youth culture since the 1950s under such headings as Madonna's bra and Britney shaves head.

You will find it under, which I thought was the Kirk going all wicked on us but it turns out the mad stands reassuringly for mission and discipleship.

The Rt Rev Bogle is a Godcaster because he sends the services from his church in Bo'ness out on to the internet. Sleepyheads can tune in to his sermon from bed. Or over a coffee in Starbucks. You could even get streaming in the pub.

Can an enterprising Kirk go viral?