I'VE spotted a great money-making idea.

New London-based website DesignMyNight.com will "plan and book your night out", the idea being that organisers take you to "fabulous places of interest", where you may bump into your favourite celeb.But why not a DesignMyGlasgowNight.com service? It could be far more exciting – and cheaper.

Forget the notions of hip Kensington Gardens bars favoured by Prince Harry. On leaving work, simply leap into the car and enjoy some great music from Simon Mayo as you sit in the traffic bottleneck at Cowcaddens for nearly an hour.

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On finally making it down the M8 to the David Lloyd Club in Renfrew you could meet my tennis pal, Stephen. He's not a celebrity as such, but he's a Cabin Services Director with BA – and he's made sure Elton and Kylie had plenty of hot towels.

After a sweaty hour of gym fun it's back in the car for more unbridled excitement; not a trip to London's west end club Mahiki exactly, to throw shapes with Chelsea stars, but to capture the magic of the Radio Clyde football phone-in - its brilliant debate, bile, and bitterness –and Jim Delahunt's Sean Batty-inspired signature sign-off, "Nightie night".

And while Londoners may dream of eyeballing Radio One newbie Nick Grimshaw in trendy Dukebox bar, try instead stopping off at Morrisons for the tea. Believe me, there's a far greater frisson to be enjoyed from finding a 2-For-1 deal on fresh salmon.

As for hanging out with unquestionable talent, you could follow last night's example. A real hoot. Why be on the guest list of 250 London bars when you can stop off in Duchal Road and teach James (6) how to join up (large) elastic bands for the first time in his life. And delight as he fires them straight at your head.