Amid all the furore over an independent Scotland's relationship with the EU, thank goodness for a little common sense from Angus Roxburgh (If Scotland votes yes - Europe will find a way to accept it, News, November 4).

In one sentence, Mr Roxburgh goes to the very heart of the debate: "So if Scotland becomes independent and wishes to remain in the EU, ways will most certainly be found to make that happen, because it would be in no-one's interests to keep it out – even for a day."

Unionists will no doubt come up with a cocktail of counter-claims and scare stories. Meanwhile, in the real world, Mr Roxburgh details why Scotland would stay in Europe. Unionists are entitled to their opinion that Scotland is better off in the Union. However, they are not entitled to spread fear, mistrust and misinformation on Scotland's relationship with Europe.

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The people of Scotland have been citizens of Europe for almost 40 years, hence, as Mr Roxburgh so rightly says, "it would be in no-one's interest" to kick them out.

Bill Cruickshank