Everyone likes a David & Goliath story.

And, although the saga of Donald Trump’s golf development on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire has been one of devastation of the both the landscape and the lives of the local residents, it has been fun lately observing the bizarrely barneted billionaire bruiser getting more and more rattled by the micro-budget Scottish documentary, You’ve Been Trumped.

The film, directed by Anthony Baxter, documents the project from the perspective of the Menie residents, and has won awards at international festivals.

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When it was finally shown on BBC2 last month, it provoked an outpouring of anti-Trump ire from viewers across the country, and anger from the Donald himself, who described the director as “a stupid fool”, “a loser” and a fraud”.

Shortly after that, he got distracted by the small matter of President Obama’s election victory, declaring on Twitter that it was “a total sham and a travesty” and “We should march on Washington.”

Despite the fact Mr T couldn’t drum up any pals for his protest, one would have thought that he would be busy enough, what with all that money to count and hair to glue down, but no, there he was, two days later, tweeting away - “Your documentary works better than any sleeping pill—in fact that may be your only way to make money with this recycled garbage!”

Fascinating that he’s so needled by this wee film, (which, incidentally will be out on DVD in time for Christmas), and that he should comment on it despite not admitting to having seen it.

Meanwhile, I understand that another public figure did watch it on TV, after declining invitations to screenings, but Alex Salmond, First Minister and local MSP,  has not shared his thoughts on the film.

So go on, Alex, post a review. You spoke so passionately at the premiere of Brave about how its depiction of Scotland’s scenery would do wonders for tourism.

Any regrets about giving the green light to a development which has destroyed a beautiful dune system and Site of Special Scientific Interest?

There’s farce of a funnier kind to enjoy in Glasgow next week as The Ladykillers, starring Michele Dotrice (of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em fame) , arrives at The Theatre Royal.

Adapted by Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan, from the classic 1955 Ealing film, it’s the story of a motley crew of criminals posing as musicians, who rent a room from a sweet old lady, while they plan a robbery.

Incidentally, the original film was directed by Glasgow boy, Alexander Mackendrick, whose 1951 film, The Man In The White Suit, is out on DVD next week.

It was adapted from a play, which a fellow film reviewer tells me was only ever staged at Pitlochry Festival Theatre in the 1950s.

I wonder if any HeraldScotland readers of a certain age may have seen the production, or perhaps have a copy of the play, written by Mackendrick’s cousin, Roger MacDougall?

Do tell...