So here's what happened: it's Saturday afternoon, it's raining and I'm having lunch with a few friends.

The restaurant, in the west end of Glasgow (I won't name and shame), is in the throes of its lunch service. It's busy-ish, though I'd guess about half of the tables in here are unoccupied.

It starts well. We're taken to our seats, the waiter gives us some menus and walks away. So far, so normal.

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We chat, catch up quickly and predictably forget to look at the menus for the first 15 minutes we're sitting there. This irritates the waiter, we all apologise, he seems to accept. We quickly make decisions and order. Some tapas, bread and wine.

Less than three minutes later (honestly it really is that quick) the food comes. At least, a couple of the tapas small plates arrive. However it's clear just by glancing at one of them that all is not well. The portion of calamari one of my friends ordered looks anaemic, dry and is (surprisingly) cold. Understandably my friend sends the plate back.

The waiter, largely unapologetic "that's just the way they are", takes the food away and offers a replacement.

We finish our food (well most of it – the confit duck was cold too and was therefore left uneaten) and to show there's no ill feeling order another bottle of wine. It comes, my friends drink it and then we ask for the bill, which we then pay with a tip.

Then this: two minutes later we are asked to leave. Leave, when the restaurant is now two-thirds empty and our glasses are not. Leave, for no apparent reason. "You have 10 minutes," says one member of staff. We don't wait that long.

Mediocre food I can deal with, a lack of customer respect I cannot.