Councillor George Kay clearly holds both Stephen House and Vic Emery in high esteem, describing them both as "exceptionally talented" and "exceptionally gifted" people (Letters, November, 26).

There will no doubt be good grounds for the basis of Mr Kay's high praise, though such endorsement does appear a little mistimed; surely persons of exceptional talent would have avoided creating such adverse publicity and have sought proper clarification from the Scottish Government on their respective obligations.

Both individuals are answerable to the Scottish Government and, more importantly, that body in turn is answerable to the Scottish people; a constituency of voters who I doubt would necessarily share Mr Kay's rapturous sentiments. All parties involved in public life would do well to note that they are only ever as good as their last performance; the performance currently showing is exceptional, but not necessarily in the sense Mr Kay describes.

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Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue,