It is maintained that, come the day, Prince Charles will acquire a new title ("There's plenty of life yet in king of the baby boomers", The Herald, November 27).

Colette Douglas Home thinks he should contemplate living to a ripe old age. His chances must be high as I believe he has never really worked a full day in his life as it would be recognised by those in the normal working environment. He has been born into a life of privilege and indulgence, in which deference is expected from all and sundry. He has used some spare time to try and influence Government policy without his views receiving publicity.

There are some who believe it would be beneficial for the country if Charles, upon the demise of the Queen, were able to apply himself entirely to his books, gardens, painting, villages, and charities, and not to kingship. That would be on the basis that the House of Windsor had gone off into the sunset and we had a head of state, elected or chosen, on the grounds of talent, presence and integrity rather than accident of birth. As someone once said in Denmark: "Perchance to dream." Ay, there's the rub.

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Ian W Thomson,

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