WE asked for your Glasgow Odeon stories after its proposed demolition was announced, and Carol Paul tells us: "In the 1960s my pal waited ages outside for her boyfriend.

She got so fed up she just went in by herself. He appeared eventually and when he couldn't see her he phoned her parents.

"They got into such a state because she'd left the house in good time that they phoned the police and reported her missing.

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"Some hours later my very embarrassed chum was met at home by parents, police and boyfriend (soon to be ex). No mobile phones in those days."

Adapt and die?

AND a reader remembers coming out of the Odeon and a fellow cinema goer making a statement she has never forgotten. "Never judge a book by its movie," he declared.


WHAT to do with the ashes of a loved one can prove difficult after a cremation. A Glasgow chap tells us his mum told the undertaker that she was going to bury his grandmother's ashes next to the dogs'.

The perplexed undertaker asked: "Won't they scratch the box?" before it was explained to him that the family dogs had all passed away and were buried in the back garden.

Silent treatment

JOHN Park hears a bemused chap in the pub look at his mobile phone and announce: "I've just received a blank text from my wife."

"Is she still not talking to you?" asked his mate.

Reading the minutes

AWARD-WINNING artist Andy Manley, writer of The Arches Christmas show The Ugly Duckling, has a showbiz fan in Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah took her two young twins to see Manley's show White in New York and left a note for the company afterwards saying that it had been "the best 40 minutes of my life".

A very showbizzy thing to do of course, but you can't help thinking if she left such a note in Glasgow, someone would have told her: "You need to get out more, doll."

Primary concerns

WE always knew they took their sport seriously in New Zealand, but reader Rob Sills didn't realise how seriously until he attended a primary school sports day in Auckland, and the announcement was made over the Tannoy that the final result in a race had been decided "after consulting the video replay".

Hot offer?

ANDY Letham was reading about the gas supply being cut in Clackmannanshire, when he was intrigued by a Scottish Gas boss stating: " We would hope that we may be in a position by the end of today to start turning on some customers."

"Sure beats a £100 cashback," remarks Andy.

Scent with love?

FIRST daft Christmas gag received. "I'm hoping to get some deodorant as a present," announced a chap in a Glasgow office to his workmates.

"Roll on Christmas."