THE problem of litter is not confined to Glasgow ("Glasgow's litterati must clean their act up", The Herald, November 26, and Letters, November 28).

I regularly pick up litter from the streets around my house, and elsewhere, when I see it. Not only does the litter infuriate me, when there are plenty of bins everywhere, but much of it – plastic and glass bottles, drinks cans, and plastic bags –can and should be, recycled.

I agree that one of the main problems, apart from sheer laziness, is that people who drop litter (and do not pick up after their dogs), seem to consider that once the litter and dog mess are "away", they are the responsibility of someone else.

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I have no solution, other than to adopt a similar strategy to that in Singapore, where I understand that stringent financial or custodial penalties are imposed on offenders. Perhaps a few of these in Scotland might make a difference.

Rose Harvie,

Afton Cottage, 82 Bonhill Road,