THE death of yet another old colleague, folk singer Ian Campbell, pictured, is another shocker for me (Herald obituary, December 4).

Ian was a significant force in the folk music scene of the 1960s and 70s and his powerful gritty voice was greatly complemented by his sister Lorna, who was acknowledged as one of the very finest singers of the folk music revival.

Ian Campbell was one of the good guys. With my old partner Robin Hall, we split the bill with Ian at some major venues, and on one occasion I pointed out that his set list for the evening included a song which I considered our own special show stopper.

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Ian wanted to hang on to the song and there ensued a friendly ding dong.

I finally said: "Ian, I'm afraid I have to point out that WE are top of the bill," and Ian replied: "I have to point that WE are on first."

Jimmie Macgregor,

16 Holyrood Crescent, Glasgow.