I WAS saddened by the news of the passing of the great Dave Brubeck (Herald Obituary, December 6).

His death represents the end of a period where my musical education at St Andrew's Halls in Glasgow was extended from Sidney Bechet, "Kid" Ory, "Humph" Jack Teagarden, and Earl "Father" Hines amongst others to the sublime music of the Brubeck Quartet.

I had the great pleasure of attending two of his concerts in the old St Andrew's Halls when I was a callow youth. I remember being torn between staying to hear another few notes from Paul Desmond, his saxophonist, or missing the last bus from Buchanan Street back to the wilds of East Kilbride. I managed (just) to get the last bus as I had to sprint all the way from the Halls to the bus station, a feat that is beyond me now. My running was made more difficult because I had to hold firmly a 12-inch vinyl LP which I had bought from the kiosk at the Halls. I still have this LP, Jazz at Oberlin, and has just been played.

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Dr Andrew Craik,

73 Burns Park, Calderwood, East Kilbride.