I was pleased to read that Anne Stewart's outstanding contribution to, and appearance in, 43 of the Bucklyvie pantomimes has been acknowledged ("Panto veteran takes a bow", The Herald, December 8).

I was fortunate enough to see quite a few of the Bucklyvie pantomimes over the last few years, though not as far back as 1970 when Anne's involvement began.

Anne's work is worthy of praise and recognition – she is fine comic performer and has consistently put together a commendable show.

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The majority of the Bucklyvie pantomimes, including Mrs McGinty's Magic Speug, were written by another retired school teacher, Helen Murdoch. Anne and Helen met in 1970 and it was from then that their directing and writing relationship began. Helen is now aged 81 and lives in Glasgow.

As the curtain has fallen on this year's Jack and the Beanstalk, marking the end of an era in the Bucklyvie pantomime tradition, many happy memories remain.

Graham Macgregor.

33 Greenlees Road,