No marks to First Bus (the principal operator) and other bus companies in the greater Glasgow area for yet again abandoning all responsibility for providing even a skeleton bus service on Christmas Day.

ScotRail, of course, gave up years ago. Indeed, not a train moves in the entire country on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, in Scotland's capital, some semblance of social responsibility lingers and Lothian Buses continues to offer an hourly service on seven different routes which provide locals with an adequate service for visiting family and friends.

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Three years ago, before First Bus made the arbitrary decision to forget about Glasgow's Christmas Day public, it ran a reasonable skeleton service similar to that in Edinburgh. I recall counting about 20 people using the hourly service I took each way between Botanic Gardens and Clarkston Toll.

I have no doubt many drivers welcomed the extra money they could earn, so I do not accept the argument that nobody wants to work. In any case, what is the point in operating a bus service if it is only for the convenience of the staff?

I would not be the least surprised if some drivers on our roads on Christmas Day were slightly over the blood-alcohol limit, given the cost of taxis and the temptation for a family member to risk driving after "only a couple of drinks". I can testify this temptation existed briefly in my own family, but good sense prevailed.

I don't blame taxi companies for making hay while the sun shines, but it would be so much better if First Bus showed responsibility towards the citizens of Scotland's largest city who cannot easily arrange private transport.

I would be happy to pay a premium fare of £5 for a single bus journey rather than the £28 I was forced to spend on a taxi home.

Some would not be able to afford it and may well have been obliged to remain at home.

Dave Stewart,

129 Novar Drive, Glasgow.