It was with pride, pleasure and a sense of excitement that I read Cate Devine's interview with Dr Lorna Fyfe ("This is going to be big ...

I'm just amazed no-one's done it before", The Herald, December 31).

Dr Fyfe's research into the bacteriocidal effect of the polyphenols contained in certain types of honey on some species of pathogenic bacteria is both timely and indeed of worldwide significance at a time when more and more bacteria are developing resistance to many previously effective antibiotics. (Antimicrobial resistance has been described as a major global public health threat by Scotland's chief medical officer, Sir Harry Burns.)

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One hopes Dr Fyfe's projects will be successful in gaining funding to continue her research into subjects that will surely be of the most tremendous benefit to all mankind.

Unfortunately, she will not only have to contend with her research funding running out but also with the ignorance and apparent apathy of politicians. It seems astonishing but alas only too credible to me that, as a scientist demonstrates the vital importance of bees to our very survival, our politicians in Scotland take no steps to ban the pesticide that is killing bees and continue to follow the policies of Westminster's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

William Smith,

20 Riverside Road,