May I make it clear that I am not against a public inquiry on the Lockerbie bombing because it would upset US public opinion (Letters, January 5)?

Far from it.

Regarding the Libyan connection, an appropriately qualified small committee should be able to profit from the Libyan government's co-operation to clarify Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi's and, especially, Colonel Gaddafi's role prior to the bombing and then report openly on its methods and conclusions.

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This would be quicker and less costly than a full public inquiry.

My main doubts, however, focus on the alternative possibility: involvement of the Iranians and the PFLP-GC, information on which would almost certainly depend on the co-operation of the US agencies, past and present.

My attitude to this in one of scepticism not one of deference.

Christopher Frew,

320 Leith Walk,