I AGREE with Iain A D Mann that the coming independence referendum should be about Scotland's destiny more than anything else (Letters, January 7).

I am reminded of the time when I was briefly a partner in one of the large UK-wide accountancy practices. At a partners' meeting I made a modest suggestion about some independent action we might take in Scotland. One of the more senior partners looked at me with horror and thundered across the table: "London will tell us what to do!" That was so clearly the Unionist mindset. Independent Scottish thinking of any political variety is not required. Just listen for your master's voice.

It is very dangerous to follow such a path. A No vote in the independence referendum will inevitably mean that Scotland is taken even less seriously in the UK than at present. It is a Unionist delusion that Scotland has a place in the world through the UK.

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Dr James Nelson,

17 Watermill Avenue, Lenzie.