YOU report on the increase in top degrees discredits students leaving university today with either a 2:1 or first class honours degree ("More graduates with top honours", The Herald, January 11).

I am a mature student who left work four years ago to go back into education to become a psychologist. When I left school in 1996, having any degree of any class was seen as a gateway to a successful future. At that time there were many jobs available in a booming economy and most people just aimed to get any degree of any class as it would increase career prospects.

Currently in the fourth year of my degree, I believe many more people are getting a higher class of degree as a result of a highly competitive environment. Students are very aware there are far fewer jobs available so work harder and aim higher to increase their chances of gaining employment once they graduate.

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It is my view that a high class of degree is no easier to gain nowadays than it was in the 1990s but is more desirable to students who wish to gain employment when they graduate. I for one am aiming for a first class degree and also doing voluntary work to increase my job prospects and I know many of my fellow students are doing the same.

Luisa Hart,

36 Strathallan Wynd,

Kings Meadow,

East Kilbride.