I THINK we should bring the referendum forward.

Not the 2014 one about Scotland being independent. The vote on Britain leaving the European Union that the Tories have in mind for some time after 2015.

I will be voting to stay in Europe on the grounds that we are mejor juntos, mellor xuntos, mieux ensemble, besser zusammen, meglio insieme, melhor juntos, battre tillsammans, boljse sodelovanje, hobeto elkarrekin, bedre sammen, beter samen, parem koos, nios fearr le cheile, parmmin yhteen, lepe spolupracovat, and labak kopa.

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That's better together in various European languages, which I offer courtesy of Google Translate. Blame Google for mistranslations and missing accents. As a bonus I will even throw in the Welsh well gyda'I gilydd.

Can you imagine jist how a' wrang thegither we Scots would be after two referendums if we were stuck with a Westminster government but no longer European citizens? Frankly I am appalled that David Cameron should even contemplate putting the stability of the European Union at risk by stealing the clothes of UKIP to satisfy the right-wing loonies in his own party.

Does he not realise the financial upheaval which would follow the UK's departure from the EU? Not even Scotland's rich resources of oil, wind, whisky, and shortbread would save Britain from economic collapse.

Does he not see the danger of a small nation of 62 million people withdrawing from the EU which has the biggest economy in the world? All because of some misplaced fixation with British nationalism.

Mr Cameron must know that as part of Europe Britain is "stronger, safer, richer and fairer" (to use his own words about maintaining the UK Union). The ties that bind Europe together (small things like not having world wars) are under threat from British separatism.

On the Scottish referendum issue, Mr Cameron says he is "a Unionist head, heart and soul." I feel the same about being European. I am more concerned with internationalism than nationalism.

If Eric Pickles, George Osborne, et al succeed in a vote to wheech Little Britain out of the EU I won't be going with them. I will petition that international court for my right to remain a European citizen.

Maybe apply for a Spanish or even a Catalan passport. After all, we are millor junts. But who knows after both referendums I'll still be Scottish European.