IF David Cameron wishes to stand up for the interests of this country, he should offer the British people a clear and simple choice in a referendum in 2015 (Letters, January 15 & 16).

I propose that the British people are asked this question: At present, the United Kingdom is a member state of the European Union. Should it withdraw and form a trade agreement instead?'

I am confident a Yes vote would be achieved and that Britain would once again become a fully sovereign state, able to make all of its own laws and to negotiate its own trade deals throughout the world – which we are banned from doing at the moment.

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In offering such a referendum as a manifesto commitment, the Prime Minister would also be doing the Conservative party a great service, as it would answer the Europe question which has split that party for many years, stave off the rise of UKIP and ensure that the Conservatives were returned with a majority in 2015. David Cameron was right to say that the public feel left out of the EU debate: whether or not one considers EU membership to be advantageous or disadvantageous, the British people must be asked.

James Forrester,

23 Lubnaig Road, Newlands, Glasgow.