I WAS delighted to read your excellent coverage of the Advanced Highers initiative at Glasgow Caledonian University in partnership with Glasgow City Council ("Advanced Higher drive for pupils from poorer areas", The Herald, January 16).

Having been raised in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Glasgow and having attended one of the schools involved – Whitehill Secondary – I can vouch for the importance of this project. It will assist in tackling inequalities at an earlier stage, as you so rightly highlighted, and will enable less advantaged young people to pursue higher education currently not available to them. The longer-term benefits for the youngsters involved, their families and for society in general are potentially very significant.

The Advanced Highers initiative could be a major contribution to the common well-being which is in fact the motto and goal of Glasgow Caledonian University which I know to be a very dynamic, socially conscious and progressive institution.

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I hope, as did you in your leader comment, that other seats of higher education will follow suit.

Professor George L Irving,

St Leonards Road,