I did not know until I read his obituary that Martin Baillie had died just before Christmas (Obituaries, January 17).

As I am perhaps the only surviving graduate of Glasgow School of Art from the intake of 1938 there might be no-one else who fondly remembers the bohemian days of those Edinburgh/Glasgow art school visits in the early days of the last war.

A bus-load of us went to Edinburgh (my first visit to the capital) where we studied their work, toured the studios and ate and drank the day away. Come the evening the Edinburgh students presented us with a cabaret and provided a so-called band for dancing. The star of the show was Martin Baillie. He compered, did what is now known as stand-up comedy and brought the house down with his rendition of The Song of the Lavatory Seat, accompanying himself on guitar. Does anyone remember this song? Did he write it? Was it included in his CV when he moved to the better pastures of academia in the west?

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Tony Brooke,

9 Campbell Drive, Bearsden.