There has been a bit of coverage about NHS targets recently ("Neil orders under-fire health boards to tell all", The Herald, January 11).

I require an operation on a cataract in my left eye. My appointment at The Golden Jubilee was for 8.30am and I was seen by a very efficient nurse at 9.30am for about an hour. The surgeon came in the afternoon and I saw him for about half an hour.

Both were extremely efficient and helpful, answering all my questions. They asked about my availability and I told them I was going on holiday for a week on October 23 and that I had a gig with my ceilidh band, which would involve me having to move my heavy PA, on November 30. This did not seem to present any problems at the time.

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I was given an appointment for October 19 and when I phoned up I was told there would be no problem about flying. When asked about lifting suitcases I was told I would not be able to do so for about six weeks so I had, with great regret, to turn down this appointment.

I reiterated that, as I had made clear in my preliminary interviews, the ideal time for me would be in early December. To my astonishment I was told this was outside the target period and I would have to re-refer myself; that is, go back to square one.

My cataract is deteriorating every week and fortunately my right eye is fine and I can go about my daily life, although I am finding it increasingly difficult to read and I have to use a magnifying glass to do The Herald crossword.

I have since had another eye test and my optician has re-referred me and my doctor has written a letter.

This all happened three months ago and I have not heard another thing about an appointment.

It is hard to see why this target setting is helpful to anyone other than those submitting statistics about "successful" outcomes.

Miller Frondigoun,

3 Maxwell Drive,